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Carbon-Neutral-Student was an idea born out of a rising personal awareness of our own carbon footprint and a love of nature, forests and all things woodland. We are dedicated to a long term plan which will incorporate educational visits in the future and give students a head start in their environmental life.

We understand that there is a delicate balance in life and nature, but we also recognise the inevitability of carbon emissions from our day to day living, and anything we can do to help off set these and reduce our carbon footprint is a good thing. We don’t invest in schemes or projects – we plant trees.

For our part we already manage 1000’s of trees in an ancient woodland in Devon which is also a designated wildlife site. In the future we will be offering people the chance to experience an educational woodland weekend staying in a tipi.

Carbon-Neutral-Student.co.uk does what it says. It offers you the chance to be Carbon Neutral for the duration of your educational life through a simple low cost process of planting trees.

We feel that we help improve the environment that we live in, by quite literally making it greener.

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